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Believe It Foundation Partner with SSAISD to Create an Inclusive Environment for Students with Disabilities

On Monday, November 13, West Campus High School was honored to be chosen by the Believe It Foundation for the donation of bicycles intended for students facing physical challenges. 

This foundation was initiated in 2008 by Mr. Andrew McAllister, who has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and utilized a wheelchair his whole life. Because of his personal trials and tribulations, he established the Believe It Foundation to help students who don’t have access to bikes or don’t have the resources to purchase one. 

Christopher Douglas, our newly appointed Director of Special Education, previously collaborated with this organization, so he believed South San Antonio Independent School District (SSAISD) would be a great place for the foundation to focus on. 

“West Campus HS was selected as the first campus to receive the bicycles to enhance the launch of their Partners in PE program,” Douglas explained. The Partners in PE program gives students the opportunity to exercise in athletic circuits and practice with their bikes to prepare for their Get Active Day Events. The Believe It Bikes Program contributes bicycles to districts, while the Partners in PE program oversees their utilization for athletic purposes. 

As this is SSAISD's first year in partnership with Believe It Foundation, strategic plans are already underway for program expansion. “Our District and the Foundation are looking to potentially provide bikes for the campuses that support students in the Low Incidence Disabilities (LID) classrooms,” Douglas explains.

At SSAISD, our objective is to foster an inclusive environment for both students and staff, and it wouldn’t be possible without the invaluable support of the foundation. Within the next coming years, we hope to continue to expand this initiative, ensuring that all our students reap the benefits of the positive impact cultivated in San Antonio.