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Statement Regarding November 17th Board Meeting


Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2021


Statement Regarding November 17th Board Meeting


As many of you are aware, there was an issue with a “live” microphone during the November 17th Board Meeting. After the meeting was adjourned and the Board moved to closed session, Superintendent Dr. Marc Puig and Board President Ernesto Arrellano, Jr. were recorded conversing at the dais. 

The Superintendent was conveying to the Board President the criteria he felt was needed to hire a top notch maintenance director, a position that has been vacant for an extensive period of time. Since no applicants have met those requirements, Superintendent Puig brought in an experienced consultant to oversee the numerous construction and maintenance projects the District has in progress. Hiring a consultant to provide a service to the District is within the duties of a superintendent. Dr. Puig brought the contract to the Board, as it had the potential to exceed the monetary threshold permitted in policy. At that time, the Board chose not to support Dr. Puig’s  recommendation.

As the discussion continued, the Board President agreed that the consultant’s services were necessary, but also expressed that some of the concerns Board Members had during the meeting were valid. Putting the conversation into context, Dr. Puig and Mr. Arrellano discussed nothing that could or would have been said out loud during the meeting. 

Because facts matter, a certified verbatim transcript of the conversation is being produced to ensure the public understands the good-natured context of the conversation. This transcript will be released to the public once it is completed by an independent transcription service.

In spite of this distraction from our core responsibilities, the District continues to focus on being the best champions for our children and our community.