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Young Mariachis in the Making

It’s an exciting time for students attending the Fine Arts Choice Academy at Shepard Middle School.

More than two-dozen children are on their way to turning their dreams of becoming Mariachi musicians into a reality. They are the first wave of students enrolled in the Mariachi Program.

This week, the students focused on playing their instruments together as a group. Over the past month, they were learning to read music and play their instruments.

For many of these young musicians, the program is a way for them to connect with their heritage. “I want to try and get back to my roots,” said sixth grade student, Matthew Garcia. “It’s my dream!”

The students are on track to play a full song together in about a month and then perform in a school concert in December.

Students learning how to play instruments in a group  Student learning to play guitar

Students learning how to play music as a group