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Science Class in Session

Microwave ivory soap and see what happens! This cool experiment was introduced to students at the new Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Academy at Dwight Middle School. Ms. Ashley Barrera demonstrated the experiment as her students and reporters from the San Antonio Express-News and Texas Public Radio looked on.

The STEM Choice Academy is a program focused on connecting students to high demand jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  Students will learn through a combination of project-based and personalized learning.

The STEM Academy is one of three choice academies that the South San Antonio Independent School District is proud to offer it's students. 

Shepard Middle School is home to a the Fina Arts Choice Academy, while Zamora Middle School houses the Health Science Choice Academy

The choice academies are open to students from outside the district as well. For more information on the new STEM, Health Science, and Fine Arts Academies call (210) 977-7365.

Ms. Barrera discusses the results of a science experiment

Ms. Barrera being interviewed my the news media

Students inspect a sudsy specimen from a science experiment

Ms. Ashley Barrera explains the results of a science experiment