• Construction Tech. Millworks
    My name is Conrad Antoon and I am the Millworks and Construction Tech. instructor. This will be my 8th year at South San High School. My goal for my class is not to necessarily assume that all my students will go into my specific trade but to allow them to learn some valuable skills that they would not otherwise be exposed to. In all my classes students learn to use tools from hand to power to stationary tools used in the cabinetry and construction field. Projects range from beginner projects such as wooden ornaments and pens to large scale construction project builds off site for the advanced classes. I received my teaching certification from Texas State University. My back ground consists of owning my own business and constructing commercial cabinetry for businesses such as Texaco, Churches Chicken and resteraunts. I also have a background in general residential construction. My expectations for your student is to want come to class and participate in a group setting and learn a rewarding trade.
    I treat all students with respect and expect your child to come to class and respect me, other students and the shop. I will hold your child responsible for their actions in the class and shop. Your child will be expected to follow all rules and will be held accountable for their actions in the form of verbal correction, call home and write up to the student center. If you have any problems or concerns please fell free to call me @ 210-977-7350  e-mail cantoon@southsanisd.net