• Welcome to the Research, Evaluation, and Information Systems Department!

    The primary objective of our department is to ensure that the student data collected at the schools is of the highest quality and integrity.

    Our goal is to provide support to campus and district administrators and data processors in the many components of Skyward. Some of the major components include Attendance, Grade Reporting, and Discipline, but there are many others.

    We strive continuously to accomplish our mission since we are acutely aware that the data is an integral part of the foundation upon which the district’s funding rests.

    We are here to be of service to staff and the community. Please call us if you have a question or need clarification related to any of our programs.

    Kathleen Antoon
    Director Research Evaluation

    Isabel Leiva
    PEIMS Coordinator
    210-977-7380 (office) 210-977-7384 (fax)

    Jesse Saldana
    Student Data/PEIMS Clerk
    210-977-7380 (office) 210-977-7369 (fax)

    Gilbert Cavazos
    Truancy Coordinator
    210-977-7380 (office) 210-977-7369 (fax)

    Gerardo Dominguez
    Truancy Specialist
    210-977-7380 (office) 210-977-7369 (fax)