• South San Antonio Independent School District (ISD) participates in federally-funded programs aimed at enhancing student academic performance by providing low-income and at-risk students with high-quality, supplemental educational support services to enable all our children to meet state student performance standards.

    The Federal and State Programs Office focuses on providing guidance and support to campus and District administrators and staff on regulations and policies pertaining to federal and state funding, while implementing effective processes that maximize the District’s formula and discretionary funds and foster compliance with all applicable federal and state mandates, to ensure all our children are provided with exceptional supplemental support services and resources in an effort to augment student success.

    South San Antonio ISD receives funding from the following entitlement programs:

    • Title I, Part A – Improving Basic Program
    • Title I, Part C – Migrant
    • Title I, Part C Carl D – Perkins Career and Technical Education Act
    • Title I, 1003(a) – Priority and Focus Schools
    • Title II, Part A – Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting
    • Title III, Part A – LEP
    • Title III, Part A – Immigrant
    • IDEA-B Formula
    • IDEA-B Pre-School
    • State Compensatory Education
    • ESSER I
    • ESSER II


    Additionally, South San Antonio ISD receives discretionary funds for the following competitive grant programs:
    • Head Start, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
    • School Climate Transformation, U.S. Department of Education
  • Elizbeth S. Martinez
    Director of Federal & State Programs
    1450 Gillette Blvd
    San Antonio, TX. 78224
    Office: (210) 977-7365 ext: 3568
    Fax: (210) 623-1846