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    My name is Ms. Putnam and this is my 19th year at Armstrong.  I am the ELAR/SS teacher in fifth grade and teach reading, english, and history.  So, if they have to read about it, write about it, and remember it, that would be my class!!!


    A couple of things about me...


    I have a Masters' degree in Education with a focus on reading literacy.

    I hold dual certifications in both special education (k-12)  and general education.  (4-8)

    I have taught at Neil Armstrong for the entire course of my career.


    A couple of things about my class:


    Reading Matters!  Good readers can do anything, so I am working hard to build good readers!  Some of the things we do are:


    Read Novels!

    *  We are currently reading The City of Ember, a scifi/Dystopian Society novel about a city set below ground.  Twelve year old Lina and her friend Droon discover mysterious clues about life above ground.  Generations of their people have lived in the City of Ember and the lights are going out.  This discovery suggests that the people of Ember are not doomed, if Lina and Droon can find their way to the surface!


    Complete Projects:

    *We will be starting Independent Reading Projects in September.  Students will be required to select a fiction book with at least 175 pages.  Students will be responsible for multiple activities with this book as well as reading it in a timely manner.  Choice boards will be used to determine what activities they will complete for their assignment in addition to a complete book report.


    *Research projects

    I love doing research projects!  I think that authentic learning starts with curiosity.  Students will be conducting research on interesting concepts like Famous Inventors and National Monuments.  These projects will span the course of about a month and will require your child to creat a three dimensional model and create a project with their research.  Information will be made available in September!


    Reading, reading, reading!  In my class, we are going to read all of the time because reading helps us become strong readers.


    If you need me, I am only a few clicks away.  Contact me for assistance through the Class Dojo, through the Google Classroom, or by email at sputnam@southsanisd.net.


    Ms. Putnam