• Mrs. Edmonds Art Class


    Welcome to Mrs. Edmonds Art Class, Room B201


     Welcome Parents and Students, 

    I will be your Art Teacher this year. I am really excited to have your student in my Art Class. I belive this is going to be a fun and exciting time for learning. We are going to take virtual museum trips to other parts of the world, and learn  about some really talented artists that make a living with their art work. We are also going to be studying the Elements and Principals of art. These are tools you will use to create pieces of art that you will be proud of. 

     ABOUT ME:

    I am a mother of 4 really amazing kids. My oldest daughter is 22, and she just graduated from Baylor University and is now attending Abiliene Christian University to get her Masters in Speach Pathology.  My youngest daughter is 20 and on her second year at Boston University. She has a goal of winning an Emmy Nomition before she graduates from their Emmy award winning Communications Department. My oldest son is 16, and he attends NEISD Johnson Highschool, and he is in the 10th grade. He is currently deciding wich college to attend. My youngest son is at NEISD and will be attending 8th grade this year at Tejeda Middle School. He is an entrpreneur at heart and has been running his own business since the 4th grade. I know  he is headed to a promising business career. My kids are talented athletes so we are super busy traveling out of state for sporting events and studying for school. You can see that my husband and I believe that getting an education is very important to our family,  therefore I am very passionate about helping your students succeed not only in my class but in life as well. I like to encourage my students to set goals and believe in themselves.

    I was a stay at home mom for 15 years before I started teaching. I received a Masters and my Certification to teach Art  once my youngest son was in school. I worked for the Kerrville Independant School District, and NEISD for a total of 8 years. My time was also spent with Special Education and teaching ESL.  Family time is most important to me. So you will either find me at school or with my kids. THe two places that I love. 


    Paper, pencils, and a Positive Attitude


    Build confident students who can identify the Art Elements and excute them in their work.  Have students learn to identify art outside the classroom. Teach students to critique artwork in a professional way. Teach students to collaborate with each other to build future leaders in school and in the community. 


    Students need to  arrive to class on time with materials ready to work. They need to be respectful of me and their peers. To work hard and take their work seriously. Use appropriate language and work towards a common goal. 

    Most of all, to have fun and learn something new everyday. 


    Mrs. Edmonds


    BS Liberal Art