• The South San Board of Trustees encourages community and parent participation in the education of district children. Monthly meetings are open to the public, and Board members offer a special invitation for stakeholders to attend. Meetings are generally held on the third Wednesday of every month except when the third Wednesday falls during a school holiday. Meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. and are held at Administration & Support Center boardroom and various school sites throughout the school district. Special called meetings may occur during the month with 72 hours notice.  Any changes in meeting dates, times, or locations are announced through the district and community publications.

    Correspondence for the board of trustees may be mailed or delivered to the school district address: 1450 Gillette Blvd., San Antonio, TX. 78224.

    Stakeholders may also address concerns/issues via email to a specific trustee or to the entire school board at the following address:  schoolboard@southsanisd.net


    Manuel Lopez  - District 1
    Board President
    Email Address: manuel.lopez@southsanisd.net



    Ernesto Arrellano Jr. - District 2
    Email Address: ernesto.arrellano@southsanisd.net


    Mr. Flores

    Homer Flores Jr. - District 3
    Email Address: homer.flores@southsanisd.net

    Shirley Ibarra

    Shirley Ibarra - District 4
    Email Address: shirley.ibarra@southsanisd.net

    Abel Martinez Jr - District 5
    Email Address: abel.martinez@southsanisd.net

    Cyndi Ramirez - District 6
    Vice President
    Email Address: cyndi.ramirez@southsanisd.net

    mr. ariza

    Joe Araiza - District 7
    Email Address: jose.araiza@southsanisd.net