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I am Mrs. Denise Quates and I have been teaching Middle School English for 3 years. I chose to teach English many years ago because my love for reading and writing is something I have always wanted to share with our future. 

I graduated from Texas A&M University - San Antonio in 2016 with my BA in English. I love everything there is about reading and writing. When you read you take the cheapest vacations ever. When you write you can create whatever world you want and that idea means that everyone can go whereever they want and be whoever they want to be. 

I am married to Mr. Thomas Quates and have been for 8 years. I have five children. They are: my 21 year old step-son Mathew Jakob who is a special needs person with so much love to give. My 21 year old daughter Kelli Renee and 23 year old Son-in-Law Chance live in Lubbock Texas attending Texas Tech University and both studying music performance. My 17 year old son Kolby Richard is a senior in High School and will be leaving for Texas A&M next year to study Mechanical Engineering. Finally my baby of the bunch is my 13 year old son Daniel Lee who is my All American who loves to play football, basketball, and will be doing powerlifting in the future. He is also the biggest momma's boy. 

I am also a mom to 7 furbabies. I have two rats Bernie and Bob, two ferrets Boi and Misy, and three dogs Demi, Panda, and Coach.

My favorite books to read are the realistic fiction books.

My hobbies include: Going to Hockey games. I LOVE HOCKEY!!!!!! I also enjoy my weekends at the family ranch where we ride horses and rope steers. On my down time I like to do arts and crafts and recently have begun working on Diamond Painting.