• Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!

    ¡Bienvenido al año escolar 2020-2021!

    English Language Arts & ESL


    Welcome to my class page! Here you will find important information regarding the teacher, course, and expectations for all classes. I welcome and highly encourage you to familiarize yourself with all the contents of this class page in order to have a successful academic school year. Periodically, the page will be updated to reflect the ongoing of the course as well the exciting changes that are taking place. I wholeheartedly welcome you to record my contact information for the underlying reason that student success if built off of strong communication between the teacher, student, and family. Please feel free to contact me with your praises, concerns, and questions regarding the course and your student's progress. You can best reach me by email or Remind101.


    2020-2021 Schedule

    Period 1 English Language Arts 08 Pre-AP

    Period 2 English Language Arts 08 Pre-AP

    Period 3 Conference

    Period 4/5 English Language Arts 08

    Period 6 PLC

    Period 7/8 English Language Arts 08