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    Christina Cardenas

    Mrs. Cardenas served students throughout the city of San Antonio in Harlandale, Southwest, and Edgewood Independent School Districts before joining the South San Independent School District as Principal at West Campus HS in 2020.

    Mrs. Cardenas is a 1999 graduate of John F. Kennedy High School and holds a Bachelor's and Master’s degree from The University of Texas at San Antonio. Mrs. Cardenas was an English Teacher, Academic Coach, Athletic Coach, and Assistant Principal before being named the new Principal of West Campus HS.

    Christina Cardenas is best described as an inspirational leader. She has a way of motivating teachers and students alike to work hard, keep a good attitude, and be socially responsible. Mrs. Cardenas utilizes a community school model of education where “We're all in this together.” And by “all,” she means more than just the student body, faculty, and staff. To Mrs. Cardenas, “all” includes partnerships with local businesses, charity work off-site, and various forms of community involvement. The model will improve parent involvement, stronger community awareness, greater social responsibility -- and of course -- measurable gains in grades and attendance.

    Mrs. Cardenas loves her teachers, but she's not selfish with them. She encourages all within her sphere of influence to get the best education they can and to keep testing out their wings. Mrs. Cardenas’s academic credentials testify to this philosophy: BA in Interdisciplinary Studies with three minors that include: Social Studies, English Language Arts, and Reading and MA in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies (the University of Texas at San Antonio).

    Mrs. Cardenas is married to Sergeant Raul Cardenas and has two boys, Matthew and Isaiah. She loves to bake and enjoys the guilty pleasure of watching Grey’s Anatomy.

    A message for her students at West Campus: Being able to serve you is an honor. Together we will learn and grow from each other. Having a positive mindset and taking one day at a time will help us as we journey into reopening West Campus and ensuring we have our own identity. Hard work and grit will lead us to success. Together we are COUGAR STRONG!!