When the school bell rings for the re-opened West Campus High School, it will offer core courses including Math, Science, English, and Social Studies. Despite that, Dr. Lee Hernandez says West Campus will have its own identity.

    Hernandez, who has been principal at South San High School for almost five years, says students will spend time at both campuses, but the goal is giving each of them the best educational opportunity possible.

    “We’re looking at trying to mirror as much as possible what we do at South San High School as we will do on the West Campus; just on a much smaller footprint,” said Hernandez.

    Hernandez has a bachelor’s degree from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio as well as a master’s and a doctorate from Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi, Texas with a focus on educational leadership.

    Each student’s experience will vary with the West Campus re-opening.

    “My long term vision over time is to create different opportunities at each of the campuses,” Hernandez said. “Depending on the student’s program and extra-curricular activity will determine how much time they’ll spend where.”

    Hernandez reminds high school students both West Campus and South San have the same goals.

    “As far as we’re concerned, South San ISD is one big family,” Hernandez said. “It’s not a matter of I go to this campus or that campus, it’s part of being part of the whole process.”

    While the focus remains on educating each student and moving them forward to live after high school, Hernandez says each student will have its own path.

    “Whatever the choice is; military, post-secondary education, the workforce—we’re going to do everything we can to prepare them to be successful in whatever thing they choose,” he added.

    As Hernandez oversees both West Campus and South San High School, he says he’ll still keep his eye on the prize.

    “That focus doesn’t diminish because we’ve separated or we have a satellite campus,” said Hernandez.

    With his added responsibility as West Campus principal, Hernandez still finds time to participate in one of his passions. He holds four national soccer coaching licenses and works with the South Texas Olympic development program.

    “That’s my getaway,” he said, while also enjoying time with his family and watching football and basketball.

    To contact Hernandez, email him at lhernandez@southsanisd.net.