• Welcome to my web page.  My name is Jim Starrak.  After teaching ART-1(1 mandatory Fine Arts credit) for three years, this year I have been assigned to teach the DRAWING (elective credit) component to our ART curriculum.  The DRAWING curriculum will involve many of the skills that students learned during their ART-1 experience.  These skills include but are not limited to:  shading (smudge, hatch, cross hatch. pointalism); contour & blind contour drawing from 3-D objects; 1 point linear perspective, 2 point linear perspective; 3 point linear perspective; optical illusions; abstracts; landscape; still life; portrait; and some drawn and constructed 3-D wall hangings.  We will use graphite for the most part in our drawing, mostly #2 pencils leading to actual drawing pencils (varying hardness); pens, markers and conte crayon.  
    This year we will be on a 90 minute block schedule with four "A" classes and four "B" classes. "A" classes will be on Mondays and Wednesdays, "B" classes will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we will alternate "A" and "B" classes on Fridays.  You can contact me at the High School at 977-7400 x 7759 or jstarrak@southsanisd.net
    *Students are requested to bring enough pencils to last them through the year (at least 5 packs of 20); erasers, and at least a couple of plastic rulers. Participation is mandatory to pass this class.  Drawing skills will vary between students, so I take that into consideration when assigning grades.  Attendance is necessary to keep up with the pace.  With 90 minute blocks this year, if a student misses one class, it is equal to two absences.  THEY WILL ADD UP!!!!!!!!! Unless the student has an approved reason for excessive absenteeism (such as a medical or physical condition etc...) I will have a difficult time giving the student Attendance Recovery credit and the student may be denied credit for the course in these situations of excessive absenteeism.