• Sfc. Twenty year Military Career in the United States Army Medical Corps, and serves as a JROTC Army Instructor for past 15 years to Present





    Wayland Baptist University, San Antonio, Texas    

     Degree: Bachelor of Science - Major: Business Administration;
     Minor: Occupational Education; Nursing Services


                                                  2016-2017 School Schedule

     A-Block                                                                                B-Block

    1st period 08:30-10:20 Military Duty                                 5th Period Bravo 1st Platoon
    2nd Period 10:28-12:08 Alpha 1st Platoon                        6th Period Bravo 2nd Platoon
    3rd Period 12:12-2:27 Alpha 2nd Platoon                         7th Period Bravo 3rd Platoon
    4th Period 2:35-4:15 Alpha 3rd Platoon                            8th Period Conferences