• Zamora Middle School Core Beliefs
    1. We believe strong teachers hold themselves accountable in all aspects of the teaching profession by following all applicable policies and procedures to foster a productive learning environment.
    2. We believe compassion empowers teachers by promoting diversity and nurturing environment amongst the school community. 
    3. We believe creative and innovative teachers and life-long learners who explore new horizons and take risks while motivating and engaging students.
    4. We believe strong teachers demonstrate flexibility by adapting to changes while maintaining core values.
    5. We believe strong teachers effectively communicate with students, parents, and colleagues to ensure the success of our school community.
    6. We believe a strong teacher develops and demonstrates emotional intelligence1 in order to create and sustain a positive learning environment.

    • 1 Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to identify, use, understand, and manage emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges, and defuse conflict.