April 10 (Tuesday)

    4th Grade STAAR Writing

    5th Grade STAAR Mathematics 

    April 11 (Wednesday)

    5th Grade STAAR Reading

    May 14 (Monday)

    3rd-4th Grade STAAR Mathematics
    Grade 5 STAAR Mathematics (Re-Test)

    May 15 (Tuesday)

    3rd-4th Grade STAAR Reading

    5th Grade STAAR Reading (Re-Test) 

    May 16 (Wednesday)

    5th Grade STAAR Science

    Student Success Initiative: The federal government has established its SSI requirement as part of its No Child Left Behind program. As part of the SSI, all students in 5th grade must pass the STAAR Reading and Math test in order to be promoted to 6th grade. For this reason, 5th graders will be given three opportunities to pass this test required for promotion. 

    District Benchmarks

    February 26    Grades 4 & 7 Writing/      Grades 5 & 8 Math

    February 27    Grades 5 & 8 Reading

    April 16           Grades 3 & 4 Math

    April 17           Grades 3 & 4 Reading

    April 18           Grades 5 & 8 Science