Welcome to our Department

  • The Department of Strategic Planning and Innovation will work to meet the district goals of creating enhanced classroom instruction, increase student achievement, and assist with promoting college and career readiness through the innovative use of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. We will work on impacting teachers, staff, and students in a positive manner by empowering them to be effective, quality users of current and evolving technologies in order to create innovative teaching and learning environments both inside and outside of the classroom.  

  • Cynthia Bills
    Director of Strategic Planning and Innovation
    Phone: 210-977-7365, ext. 3570

    Dr. Mark Seaman
    Advanced Academics Coordinator
    Phone: 210-977-7365, ext. 3571

    Brad Cloud
    Instructional Technology & Media Services Coordinator
    Phone: 210-977-7365, ext. 3575

    Bobbye W Schanen
    CTE Coordinator
    Phone: 210-977-7350