• Welcome back for another fantastic school year!

    Most military families headed into San Antonio do a lot of research prior to selecting where their children will go to school.  It is important for our 28 school districts that service military families to be able to show their support and the partnership that has been created between the JBSA School Liaison Office and your district.  True Military City USA Welcoming Style.

    We would love to have the following posted on your school Resource web page for our military families representing your partnership with Joint Base San Antonio.

    Joint Base San Antonio School Liaison Office (SLO) helps parents ease the transition of the mobile military lifestyle and can assist prior to your PCS, upon arrival, while at your installation and when you prepare to depart for your next duty station.  They specialize in serving military families with K-12 school age children and are able to provide information about the local school systems and community. The SLO will support parents and school districts with the Interstate Compact for the Education of Military Students interpretation, information on schools and boundaries, Home School, Deployment Support, provide School and Community Outreach partnerships.  These military dependent education professionals serve as a link between military families and all surrounding school districts ensuring maximum educational opportunities for academic success.  JBSA Fort Sam Houston 221-2214, JBSA Lackland 671-8388 JBSA-Randolph 652-5321 or email jbsa.slo@us.af.mil

    If you are unable to put the blurb on your website, then we hope that you explore the possibility of linking and following any of our media sites to show support for our military families.   This will allow them a visual aid and a sense of belonging from the beginning.

    Website:  http://www.jbsa.mil/Resources/Military-Family-Readiness/School-Liaison-Office/

    Twitter: @jbsa_slo

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/JBSA-School-Liaison-Offices/193387964064493?ref=tn_tnmn

    Our office will conduct staff development training on Supporting Military Youth and the Interstate Compact for the Education of Military Children for districts that have military children enrolled.   It just takes a phone call!!

    Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance to you!

    Joint Base San Antonio School Liaison Offices

    JBSA-Lackland:  Ms. Lori A. Phipps, jbsa.slo@us.af.mil, 210-671-8388
    JBSA-Randolph: Ms. Angela Green, angela.green.8@us.af.mil, 210-652-5321
    JBSA-Fort Sam Houston: Mr. Keith Toney, keith.toney.2@us.af.mil, 210-221-2214
    JBSA-Fort Sam Houston:  Ms. Nita Hightower, hightower.ford@us.af.mil, 210-221-2256

    Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day