• South San Antonio I.S.D. is committed to providing support and information for the effective implementation of an RtI Model.

    The overall goals of the RtI Department are to:

    • Provide high quality, standards-based instruction and intervention that are matched to students' academic, social-emotional, and behavioral needs.
    • Provide a variety of educational program services to meet the unique needs of all students and maximize student abilities based on their learning styles and individual needs.
    • Accommodate the needs of non-traditional learners within the general education classroom.
    • Prepare highly qualified staff to meet and support individual student needs.
    • Engage parents in activities and information that provide parental support and positive interactions with staff and campus leadership.

    The importance of a universal district/campus RtI process provides:

    • A process which supports the classroom teacher and assists in the development of alternative strategies for students experiencing difficulty.
    • A process which assists in distinguishing true learning disorders from characteristics of second language acquisition, culture, and other linguistic differences.
    • A process which helps to rule out linguistic, cultural, socio-economic, and/or other environmental differences as the primary source of a student’s academic failure.

     The benefits of a universal district/campus RtI process will:

    • Support students who do not have a disability, but who need instructional support in the regular education program.
    • Develop a network of peer support for teachers in the regular education programs.
    • Encourage problem-solving as a team, which will provide opportunities for professional growth in needed areas.