• When is registration?
    Registration for all campuses is Monday, August 7 and Tuesday, August 8 from 8:30AM-11: 30 AM and 1:00PM-3: 00 PM.

    Which school does my child attend?
    Please click on the left link-Maps-Attendance Zones & Street Directory to view district maps and the street directory.

    Who does not need to register?
    Any students (PK-11th grade) who ended the school year at a South San Antonio ISD school.

    Who needs to register on August 7 or 8?
    Students new to SSAISD*,
    Students with special circumstances, and
    Students requesting permission to attend an SSAISD school outside of their attendance zone--#2 & 3 both require permission from the principal(s)

    What do new-to-district students need?
    New-to-district students (you did not end the school year at any South San school) must meet with the school principal or their designee in order to enroll. Please bring:

    Proof of Residency
    a utility bill (SAWS or CPS), or
    a property tax bill, or
    a current lease with both the parent enrolling and student(s) listed
    (cell phone bills or other mail cannot be used)
    Withdrawal Documents from Student's Previous School
    Parent Identification/Driver's License
    Student's Birth Certificate
    Student's Social Security Card
    Up-to-Date Immunization Records

    What if I do not have proof of residency?
    Students who cannot prove residency must complete an Attendance Residency Verification form. The form must be notarized by both the homeowner and parent/guardian--please plan accordingly, you may have to leave and return later that day or the next.

    Attendance Residency Verification Form

    What are Special Circumstances?
    Special Circumstances use any of the following forms:

    Attendance Residency Verification
    Grandparent Rule
    Intra-district Transfers
    (All Special Circumstances are subject to availability of space and the student's attendance, behavior, grades, and discipline records. Permission may be revoked during the school year, and permission must be granted each school year.)

    What is the Grandparent Rule?
    Students who reside outside of SSAISD but whose grandparents provide a significant amount of before and/or after-school care are eligible to attend our schools with principal approval.

    Grandparent Rule Enrollment Form

    Grandparent Rule Attendance Form SPANISH

    What are Inter-District Transfers?
    Students who reside outside of SSAISD but wish to attend an SSAISD school pending principal approval.

    What are Intra-District Transfers?
    Students who live within the SSAISD boundaries, but wish to attend a different campus outside of their attendance zone pending principal approval.