•  Attendance Office
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    Attendance Requirements
    A child between the ages of 6 and 18, is required to attend school each day during the instructional year unless otherwise legally exempted or excused. School employees must investigate and report violations of the state compulsory attendance law. These attendance requirements also apply to any District required tutorial sessions. A student absent without permission from school, from class, or from required tutorials, will be considered truant and subject to disciplinary action.

    To receive credit in a class, a student must attend at least 90 percent of the days the class is offered. The actual number of days a student must attend in order to receive credit will vary, depending on whether the class is for a full semester or for a full year per campus policy. A student who attends fewer than 90 percent of the days the class is offered cannot receive credit for the class unless the Attendance Review Committee finds that the absences are the result of extenuating circumstances.

    If the committee determines that there have been extenuating circumstances, it will decide how the credit may be regained. If the committee determines; however, that there are no extenuating circumstances, the student or parent may appeal the decision the the District Board of Trustees by filing a written request with the Superintendent.

    A student absent from school or from any class without permission, including required tutorials will be considered truant and subject to disciplinary action.
    A student who must leave school during the day must bring a note from his or her parent that morning.
    A student who becomes ill during the school day should, with the teachers permission, report to the school nurse. The school nurse will decide whether or not the student should be sent home and notify the student's parent.

    The following qualify as an excused absence:

    1. An extracurricular activity or public performance, subject to approval by the District Board of trustees.
    2. Required screening, diagnosis, and treatment for Medicaid eligible sudents.
    3. A documented health care appointment- if the student begins classes or returns to school on the same day as the appointment.
    4. A temporary absence resulting from any cause acceptable to the teacher, or superintendent, principal, including personal illness; or illness or death in the immediate family.
    5. A juvenile court proceeding documented by a probation officer.
    6. An absence required by state or local welfare authorities.
    7. Family emergency or unforeseen or unavoidable instance requiring immediate attention.
    8. Approved college visitation.
    9. An abence due to a student's migrant status.

    Excused Absences also include personal illness, death in the family, religious holidays and school business.

    Unexcused Absences include staying home to study, to participate in non-school contests and other activities, to go on family trips or outings, class cuts, and truancy.

    Tardies and Tardy Permits
    Excessive tardies cause students to miss important instruction and may result in disciplinary or legal action. Any students reporting to school after the tardy bell for the first class must report directly to the attendance office for a tardy slip. Students will be disciplined for tardiness according to campus procedures.