• Alan B. Shepard Middle School

    Cougar Athletics Class Rules and Expectations

    1. Must have a physical examination from a doctor upon entering the class the first day of school.
    2. Must have an emergency medical packet and other athletic forms completed and returned to the coach.
    3. All Athletes enrolled in the Athletics class MUST participate in three of the following sports offered: Girls Volleyball, Boys Football, Basketball, Soccer or Track. Athletes must also finish the sport(s) season in good standing.


    ● Failing to maintain satisfactory grades or conduct grades.
    ● Failure to dress out and give a good effort. (Students must dress out even if they are excused from participation.)
    ● Numerous unexcused absences.
    ● Physical altercation with another student.
    ● Tobacco, alcohol, drug possession and/or usage.
    ● Theft or destruction of school property.
    ● Leaving school grounds.
    ● Failure to play at least two sport.
    ● Any repeated or persistent misbehavior. (2-3 offensives may result in removal from athletics.)


    ● Athletes must pass all subjects with at least a grade of 70 for the 1st six weeks of school and on every nine-week period report card. Two consecutive "F"s may result in removal from the athletics class.
    ● Athletes are to show good behavior at all times at school and school events. Athletes are to show respect for their teammates, teachers and coaches at all times.

    On- and Off-Season
    On- and off-season, athletes will be participating in a conditioning and weight training work-out program. Athletes who are in-season will also have the opportunity to work on skill development. Athletes must dress out each day and give a good effort. If the athlete refuses to give a good effort or dress out, the athlete will be removed from the program and reassigned to a regular P.E. class. Students injured or excused for an extended period of time will be removed from Athletics until they have a clearance from a licensed physician. This athletic program will be “running based”. It will include timed runs, sprints, and agilities. Athletes must be willing to run daily to be in this class.

    *If you have any questions, please call Shepard Athletics @ 210-623-1875.


    Coach Richard Castro