• South San Antonio ISD was awarded the School Climate Transformation Grant (SCTG) in October 2014 by the US Department of Education. SSAISD grant outlines that all district campuses will participate in the grant by the end of the 5 year grant period. Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is the district’s chosen framework within the SCTG. Currently, 15 campuses have completed year 1 training and have started implementation.  

    PBIS is a prevention framework for organizing evidence-based practices within each school and to enhance academic and social behavior outcomes for all students. PBIS is a problem solving approach that emphasizes (1) providing a continuum of supports for all students; (2) evaluating the implementation and outcomes of those supports; and (3) using data to guide decision making about how to improve or sustain implementation, when to identify additional interventions for students (or staff) who require more support to be successful, and how to provide and monitor those supports to promote success.

    SCTG Mission:

    School Climate Transformation Grant/ PBIS staff will work together to implement positive behavioral expectations and support that are proactive, effective and consistent.  We are committed to helping all students with the behavioral and academic skills needed to reach their fullest potential and to become successful in life.