• Welcome to Zamora Middle School.

    Project Lead the Way and Exploring Careers are my game.

    Exploring Careers

    Many of you have heard of the HB5 program. This law was passed by our Texas Legislature four years ago. It has changed the high school graduation scene completely. Most students will be choosing a new high school graduation plan which is called "Dual Credit." Others students will be accepted into the "Early College" program. Both of these programs are very fine programs. The choice can be restrictive if you and your student do not plan what they want to do during their four years in high school. The statewide plan has been difficult for many to understand but I have enclosed some guides from the State on the program. I hope that they are helpful.

    I will be introducing this information to your students. It is sometime difficult for them because they do not believe that a 13 year old is being asked to make up their mind on what the next part of their educational life will be all about. Yet this decision will not only affect their next four years in high school but it could affect their entire employment cycle.

    This course is taught in a Problem Based Learning environment which pushes the student to self-correct their work, to self-monitor their assignments, to brainstorm, to create in real world situations that deals with various careers of their choosing.

    Project Lead the Way

    This National S.T.E.M. program is at Zamora Middle School. It is called Gateway 1 and 2. Gateway 1 is for seventh graders and they learn about Flight and Space and Energy and the Environment.  Gateway 2 is for 8th graders. In the Gateway 2 course students will be introduced into Engineering Design and Modeling and will create, draw ( using autocad software) and build their designs. The second part of this course is Automation and Robotics.

    These courses are hands on and project based.