• This course focuses on the collection, identification and analysis of crime scene evidence. Emphasis will be placed on the methods that link suspect, victim, and crime scene. Laboratory exercises will include finger printing, handwriting analysis, ballistics, blood typing, hair and fiber examination, and DNA analysis.

    Case studies and current events will be explored.  

    Ms. Quarve's Daily Schedule

    A DAY

    1st: Forensic ScienceFingerprinting

    2nd: Forensic Science

    3rd: Conference

    4th: Forensic Science

    B DAY 

    5th: Chemistry

    6th: Chemistry

    7th: Chemistry

    8th: Forensic Science

    *Tutoring is Tuesday's from 4:15-5:00Microscopes

    or by appointment

    Remember I get her at 7:45 a.m. every morning!