• What is Dual Credit?

    Dual Credit gives you the opportunity to take college classes while you are also receiving high school credit.  Students may take courses in the 42- Hour Core Curriculum listing and may earn up to 42 hours of college credit before graduating from high school. In addition, dual credit tuition and fees are paid by the district which reduces the overall time and cost to complete a college degree.   


    If my child is in ECHS, will they miss out on extracurricular activities?

    No, early college students can participate in all extracurricular activities.


    If my child picks a Program of Study, will they have to work?

    Some Programs of Study do not require Work class. Most Programs of Study have a practicum class during their upper level courses. During Practicum the students will apply their knowledge and skills in a work environment. 


    Can my child change their mind about the Program of study they choose?

    After their 9th grade year they will have the opportunity to choose a new Program of Study. If they choose one after their 10th grade year, they may not have the opportunity to earn their endorsement in that program.


    Can my child get college credit without being in the Early College High School Program?

    Yes, students can choose to do traditional dual credit.