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    We understand you are receiving a number of emails or information on our district website for your children. You might be facing online activities and school assignments. You may be trying to schedule how to accomplish all this at home. But here’s the thing….Our children may be as concerned as we are, they may not hear about what is happening around them but can feel the tension or anxiety in the home about everything going on around them. Although the idea of being off from school sounds a little like summer break, the reality is that they will have to be at home and not be able to spend time with their social groups.

    Over the next few weeks, you may see an increase in behavior issues with your children. Whether it is anxiety, anger, sadness or protesting things they can’t do under normal circumstances, it may happen. You might see some tantrums or oppositional behavior in the next few weeks. This is normal and expected under these circumstances.

    Our children need to be comforted and loved during this time. To feel like it is all going to be okay. It may mean you have to change the schedule a little bit. You might want to draw or paint pictures, play games, bake cookies and or watch movies. You can start a book and read it together as a family.

    Remember all the children are in the same situation and they will be okay. When they return to school they will be guided. Teachers are experts at this! Don’t feel too frustrated if they aren’t where you think they should be. Continue to encourage them and stay positive.

    Remember, at the end of this, your children’s mental health is very important. What they will be feeling now will be with them for a while. They will be actively listening and watching all forms of media about what is happening around the world. Developmentally they are trying to make sense out of things. They will look to you. What you say, how you react, and how you are emotional. Remember to breathe deeply first and foremost. Things will eventually get back to normal; it will just take a little time and patience.

    Below are some resources to help you during this unprecedented time. Should you need to talk to someone please email our team at carezone@southsanisd.net

    Susan Arciniega



    Click on the links below provided by TherapistAid.com. These are free resources and can be printed out or utilized online.

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