• South San Antonio ISD: A Dual Language District

    Our vision: Empowering our students to reach for academic achievements as bilingual, bi-literate, and bicultural global leaders in a multicultural society. 

    "Excelencia y Orgullo"

    What is Dual Language?

    • Your child will learn how to read, write, and speak in both English and Spanish. 
    • Classrooms are comprised of both Spanish speakers and English speakers.
    • At the early grade levels, Spanish is used for most of the student’s instructional day, gradually increasing the amount of English instruction until students receive half of the instruction in each language by 3rd grade.
    • The native language and culture of each student are valued and honored to promote a multicultural community in the school. 
  • Dual Language Program Goals~Metas del programa de lenguaje dual


    Goal 1: Students will perform at or above grade level in all academic areas in both English and Spanish.

    Meta 1: Los estudiantes se desempeñarán al nivel de grado o superior en todas las áreas académicas, tanto en inglés como en español.


    Goal 2: Students will develop high levels of oral and written proficiency in both English and Spanish.

    Meta 2: Los estudiantes desarrollarán altos niveles de dominio oral y escrito tanto en inglés como en español.


    Goal 3: Students will develop an appreciation for and understanding of diverse cultures.

    Meta 3: Los estudiantes desarrollarán el aprecio y la comprensión de las diversas culturas.