opp culture

    An “Opportunity Culture” For Teachers and Students


    2017-2018 Participating Schools

    Armstrong Elementary

    Five Palms Elementary


    We believe that all students will enjoy successful educational experiences that will enrich their lives in the future they create. Because we are committed to enhancing our student learning experiences, two campuses in South San Antonio ISD will be implementing Opportunity Culture Texas models in the 2017-18 school year.

    In Opportunity Culture Texas schools, teams of teachers work together to help students excel. These models let our best teachers reach more students with excellent instruction and help everyone teach more effectively. We expect more students to reach grade-level and subject standards faster, and more students to advance further.

    The framework of Opportunity Culture Texas will help us realize the Call to Action by:

    Fostering collaboration and the development of a growth mindset for innovative, high-quality instruction
    Affording opportunities for professional growth and career advancement
    Increasing student exposure to excellent teaching