• Syllabus

    Culinary Arts I

    Chef Rob Yoas

    Phone: 7740

    Conference 8th

    Tutoring Tuesdays 4:15 – 5:00       


    The Culinary Arts program is designed to be a two year Family and Consumer Science course for student in grades 11-12.  The curriculum and Lab has been designed in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws as well as the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation for Public Secondary Programs.  The intent of the program is to provide the students with the technical knowledge and practical skills to be successful in advanced college level culinary programs and/or start a successful and rewarding career in the industry upon graduation with their Servsafe Food handler’s certificate.


    Text and Materials


    Servsafe Guide


    Standard classroom materials (pens, pencils, paper)

    Closed toe non-slip shoes (required for the lab)

    Two or more binders and folders to keep class documents organized

    2 Black sharpies

    All kitchen tools will be provided and used at your own responsibility



    Course Description

    1. Orientation
    • School policies
    • State law, regulations and professional ethics
    • History and Opportunities
    • Professional appearance standards
    • Professional Communication
    • Introductions
    • Vocabulary



    1. Industry Overview
    • Welcome to the Foodservice Industry
    • Understanding Foodservice Operations


    • Workstations
    • The Professional Chef
    • Culinary Math


    1. Sanitation
    • Sanitation Hazards
    • Sanitation Procedures
    • Culinary Math cont.


    1. Servsafe


    1. Servsafe Test


    1. Introduction to the kitchen


    • Safety in the kitchen


    1. Smallwares


    1. Large Equipment


    1. Knives and hand tools


    1. Knife Skills


    1. Mise en places and recipes


    1. Cooking Principles and Cooking staples


    1. Fruit Identification and Preparation


    1. Salads, Dressings and Cold Sandwiches


    1. Stocks


    1. Sauces


    1. Soups


    1. Starch Identification and cookery


    1. Meat and Poultry Identification and Preparation


    1. Dry and Moist heat cooking methods


    1. Fish and Shellfish Identification and cookery


    1. Hot sandwiches and pizza


    1. Dairy and Egg Identification and Breakfast Cookery


    1. Introduction to the bakery, quick breads and cookies


    1. Yeast breads


    1. Cakes, pies and tarts


    1. Dessert sauces and Frozen desserts


    1. Food presentation and composing dishes


    1. Composed dishes, Garde Manger


    1. Table service and entering the workforce


    1. Culinary History and Nutrition


    1. Managing resources, Menus and Developing Taste


    1. Banquets, recipes and class projects


    1. Banquets



    60% Daily grade (Attendance, Participation, Sanitation, Performance, small assignments, homework)

    40% Major Tests and projects


    Reference student handbook for Attendance policy for school

    Reference student handbook for Student Code of Conduct


    At a minimum there will be two assignments due weekly

    Homework is due at indicated time, 20% off potential grade every day it is late with out an approved excuse




    Class Rules

    Follow all applicable school policies and student code of conduct

    Be in your assigned seat before the bell rings

    No cell phones

    No purses or bags in the Lab

    Students will be respectful to the Instructor, staff, substitute and each other

    Professional appearance at all times

    Come to class ready to learn with required materials and a positive attitude

    Students are responsible for maintaining kitchen tools and equipment

    Students will clean up after themselves (leave the kitchen how you found it)

    No visits to lockers during class

    No outside food, drinks, mints or gum

    No eating in the production area of the kitchen

    There is a zero tolerance for aggressive behavior, if there is even one incident the student will be removed from the class (arguing, fighting etc.)

    All students must remain on task and complete all assignments

    No jewelry in the kitchen

    No visitors without permission from the teacher

    Notify the teacher of scheduled absence

    The rules above have been clarified to me and any questions have been answered.  I understand failure to follow the class rules could result in disciplinary action and remove from the program.

    Student Signature and ID#____________________________  Date ________________

    My daughter/son and I have read and discussed the rules and regulations of the program and he/she agreed to abide by said rules.

    Parent/Guardian Signature_______________________ Printed Name___________________

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  • Participation waver, signed by all students parents

    South San Antonio High School

    Culinary Arts Lab Participation waiver




    Dear Parent or Guardian,



      In the Culinary Arts Practicum Lab your child will be working in a commercial environment.  They will receive extensive safety training and be provided with substantial safety equipment, as well as be very closely monitored and supervised.



      This is a career education class where they will learn adult skills to help them advance in a successful culinary career.  In this environment they will need to conduct themselves as professionals and be responsible for their own safety and actions.  Your child will solely be responsible for handling professional grade cutlery, using industrial strength appliances and equipment as well as multi-tasking in a fast paced restaurant environment where they will be cooking with and exposed to extreme temperatures.



      It is likely they will endure minor cuts and burns however, very unlikely they will sustain any significant injury if they follow the correct procedures and safety precautions.  Your child will be solely responsible for their actions in the Lab portion of this course and are participating at their own responsibility.




    Student’s Name                                                  Date              Period          .

    Student’s Signature                                                    . 

    Parent’s/Guardian’s  Signature                                                    . 



    Upon signing this document you release South San ISD and applicable staff of any liability while participating in the Culinary Arts Lab.




    Reminder: Please follow all of the school rules.

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  • Class schedule

    Robert “Chef Rob” Yoas             Class Schedule         


    First bell 8:15

    1A/5B – Culinary 2A (8:50 – 10:20)

    2A/6B – Culinary 1 (10:28 – 12:08)

    A Lunch 12:12-12:42 B Lunch 12:46 - 1:16 C Lunch 1:20 - 1:50

    3A/7B – Culinary 2B (12:12 – 2:27)

    4A - Extra Culinary 2A & B (2:35 - 4:15)

    8B - Conference (2:35 - 4:15)

    I will be available for tutoring on Tuesdays 4-5, please schedule nlt the day prior.


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