• Welcome to txGradebook, the grade management system used by South San Antonio ISD

    A new teacher will need to get a Staff ID before he or she can create an account for the txGradebook. The Staff IDs are given to our department by Human Resources. We will send them to the schools as quickly as we receive them.

    Below please find instructions for online on-demand training videos provided by Region 20. We’ve tested the link and it works. When one clicks on the blue address link, a black line of text appears below it. Click it and it will go to the sign in page at Region 20 so that the teacher can create a user account.

    Thereafter, the teacher can create the txGradebook account from the South San Antonio ISD home page. It is the last item in the drop-down menu under the STAFF tab. The teacher will then use this same page to log in and use txGradebook.

    Each campus has a Campus txGradebook Administrator. Please check with your campus administrators if you have difficulty with the software. Your administrators and department or grade level chairs can help you troubleshoot the problem. If they cannot resolve it, please call our department.

    Helpful Hints: When resetting your password, you will be asked for the following:

    Staff ID – Your 9 digit employee ID number (including the leading zeros)

    User ID – This is not case sensitive. It must be 6-8 alphanumeric characters and unique within SSAISD. When txGradebook asks for the User ID, it is asking for your txGradebook User ID, not your email ID.

    Hint Question Answers are case and space sensitive.

    Password – The password is case sensitive. It must be between 6 and 9 characters in length. When creating your password, use at least three of the following types of characters: uppercase, lowercase, numeric or punctuation.

    txGradebook Reminders:

    Please ensure that you input grades in the current semester and cycle. If you input grades in an incorrect cycle, they will not be calculated on the student progress report. You may even have difficulty seeing them on the report card. Ask your grade level or department chair for the correct semester and cycle information.


    Region 20: "A collection of online tutorials is available that demonstrates how to use the txGradebook. These videos are intended to assist district and campus level support staff in training teachers on the different components of the application. Capturing the instruction in this manner helps to ensure a consistent message is being shared among all users. Since we are hosting the tutorials at ESC-20, users will be able to access them at any time.

    To access any of these sessions, please use the link provided below. Anyone who attempts to access the videos must also enter an enrollment key. The enrollment key is esc202012."


    The txGradebook online tutorials run anywhere from 4 – 16 minutes and consist of the following sessions:

    Session 1 – Getting to Know Your txGradebook
    Session 2 – Teacher Settings
    Session 3 – Administering Categories
    Session 4 – Administering Assignments
    Session 5 – Using Seating Charts
    Session 6 – Using the Student Group Manager
    Session 7 – Student Information Page
    Session 8 – Posting and Viewing Attendance
    Session 9 – Getting to Know the Assignment Grades Page
    Session 10 – Entering Assignment Grades
    Session 11 – Getting to Know the Cycle Grades Page
    Session 12 – Generating Teacher Progress Reports
    Session 13 – Importing Assignment Grades