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    PEIMS is the acronym for the Public Education Information Management System.

    PEIMS is a data collection system developed by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) (HB 72, 1984) to provide a single system for collecting school district information and for maintaining the information in one common coordinated database used for statewide accountability.

    PEIMS is the primary method by which school districts in the state of Texas deliver data to TEA. School districts are required to submit data to TEA four times a year through PEIMS: fall, mid-year, summer, and extended-year.

    1. Fall submission includes organization and campus data, shared services arrangements data, campus related data, current fiscal year budget data, staff data and student data such as identification/demographic information, enrollment information, special program information, and leaver information for grades 7-12 (dropout, graduation).

    2. Mid-year submission includes organization and campus data, shared services arrangements data, and actual audited financial data for the previous fiscal year.

    3. Summer submission includes organization and campus data, student data such as identification/demographic information, basic attendance data, program participation attendance contact hours for programs such as bilingual, special education and career and technical education, course completion for high school only and student discipline data.

    4. Extended year submission includes organization and student data such as identification/demographic information, attendance information regarding extended year, and PK and Kinder participation in the summer bilingual program.

    Because data is constantly being collected and submitted, this keeps our small department extremely busy throughout the year.

    PEIMS uses a web-based application, PEIMS EDIT+, to validate data and to determine fatal errors, special warnings and warnings, and to transfer files, generate reports and query the PID (Person Identification Database). Since PEIMS EDIT+ is a web-based application, direct access to the PEIMS EDIT+ system is accomplished through the Internet. The data is housed in a very secure environment and only authorized users who have been cleared and have been issued system IDs may access the system.

    What is the PEIMS EDIT+ Process?

    • Districts enter/update data using their respective software systems. In South San   Antonio, we use iTCCS software from Region 20. 


    • District software extracts data from master files into the format specified in the PEIMS Data Standards.


    • Extracted PEIMS data files are uploaded and validated on the TEA EDIT+ file server using the secure file transfer capabilities of the World Wide Web internet.


    • EDIT+ generates error-listed reports on any errors and warnings detected.  Districts correct data within their respective software systems and the information is uploaded again.


    • When the district is satisfied with the results of their data validation, the district data files are flagged and accepted as correct by the district and the ESC personnel are notified.


    • ESC personnel review reports to verify the completeness of each district's data within their region.  Errors found by the ESC during the review process are corrected by school districts in a timely manner.


    • When the ESC is satisfied with the results of the data review, the district data files are flagged as complete by ESC and TEA personnel are notified as to the status of the data.


    • Turnaround reports are created and returned to the districts for review.


    • Upon review of the data, superintendent approval of the PEIMS data submission is sent to the ESC and to TEA. 

      Departmentstaff provides training sessions for district personnel in engaged in student data entry concerning data reporting requirements. We answer questions posed by district employees throughout the year.