• Welcome to Skyward! 


    The Internet-based Skyward software is a comprehensive software package with applications for all areas of school district operations. In Pupil Services we use the applications for Student Services and PEIMS.



    Because our district's funding is based on accurate student attendance data, Skyward Attendance is a critical part of the software package. The system is designed to incorporate specific state regulations that apply to school attendance while providing us with the flexibility to implement individual operational philosophies and methodologies. 

    Posting can be accomplished via online screens. The system allows the district to specify an official attendance accounting period and to maintain additional attendance periods as required by local policy and practices. It provides for state required program tracking and contact-hour reporting, prevents duplicate enrollments, and allows for district-wide reporting and analysis.  The primary users of this component of the system are Teachers and Attendance Clerks.

    Attendance Features

    • Attendance inquiries and student profiles
    • Campus-level attendance options
    • District-defined attendance posting codes
    • Downloads to phone calling products
    • Individual attendance posting by date or teacher/class
    • Mass attendance posting and updates
    • Multi-attendance calendars per district and campus
    • PEIMS extract
    • Student yearly attendance summaries

      Attendance Reports

    • Analysis of student absences
    • Attendance computation for grade reporting
    • Attendance tear strips
    • Attendance total recovery hours report
    • Campus recap totals report
    • Contact hours reports
    • Credit loss due to excessive absences
    • Cumulative absence report
    • Cycle attendance proof-listing
    • Cycle attendance summary report
    • Cycle daily and interim attendance reports
    • Daily attendance list, summary, and recap
    • Daily attendance number of absences report
    • District end-of-year attendance
    • End-of-year attendance report and labels
    • Excessive absence letters
    • Perfect attendance report
    • Principal's period report
    • Semester attendance and contact hours report
    • Student absence permits
    • Superintendent's annual report
    • Unexcused absence report
    • Weekly attendance roster



      Skyward Discipline is designed to provide users with the ability to maintain information on student behavior infractions and with the actions taken by school personnel in response to these infractions with the provision of a free-form comment area for each offense. 

      The system provides online inquiry capability that enables users to check prior offenses on a student-by-student basis. Another system feature allows users to assign several students with the same incident number. The primary users of this component of the system are Principals and Vice Principals.

      Discipline Features

    • District-defined offense and action tables
    • PEIMS extract
    • Record maintenance and inquiries

      Discipline Jobs and Reports

    • Action code report by ethnicity
    • Action code report by grade level
    • Behavior Location Code
    • Detail reports
    • Letters to parents
    • Mass deletion of records
    • Offense code report by ethnicity
    • Offense code report by grade level
    • Percentage calculation and reports
    • Student discipline action reason/Safe Schools audit report
    • Summary report by teacher
    • Suspension letters

       Grade Reporting

      Skyward Grade Reporting for Elementary and Secondary offers users the ability to maintain and report information on student academic grades. Users are able to perform grade averaging, adjust grades by type of courses (honors/basic), and produce student report cards, grade labels, and AAR cards and labels. Users also have the ability to combine and print credits and grades earned at multiple campuses for a student. Grades can be posted via computer screens by class and by individual student, and a screen which uploads grades from a PC. The system also provides an interface to grade books.

      Several optional methods of attendance interface are provided to grade reporting.  In our school district, the Skyward Grade Reporting system functions on two semester grade reporting (six- or nine-week cycles).  It is also used during summer school.  The primary users of the grade reporting component are secondary data processors, teachers, counselors and campus administrators.

      Grade Reporting Features

    • Campus-defined honor roll and grade averaging tables
    • District- and campus-level options
    • Grade averaging and posting
    • Grade maintenance and inquiries
    • Elementary and secondary campuses processes
    • Multiple bell schedules
    • Report card and IPR messages and comments
    • Teacher, course, and section records maintenance

      Grade Reporting Jobs and Reports

    • Address labels
    • Advisory assignments report
    • Career and technology indicator code update
    • Class rosters
    • Course section/grade level/sex ethnic report
    • Failure and incomplete report
    • Failure letter and semester failure list
    • Failing student report
    • Grade labels
    • Grade sheets
    • Graduation plans
    • Group Grade Reporting changes
    • Leaver tracking graduate load
    • List of grades below 70
    • List of students with a specified academic grade
    • Many analysis reports, including honor roll, grade distribution, and failures
    • Master schedule listings
    • "No" credit update for excessive absences
    • Pass/fail credit indicator code computation
    • PEIMS course completion extract
    • Permanent record card labels
    • Potential failure report
    • Principal's report card proof list
    • Report cards - multiple styles
    • Scan and post listings
    • Student list by room number by specific period
    • Student schedules
    • Teacher course/section load report
    • Teacher/room assignment report
    • TEXAS grant eligible report
    • Update proposed date of graduation
    • Year-end status update
    • Yearly and cumulative grade average, class ranking and credits to date

       Graduation Plan

      Skyward Graduation Plan allows our district to define valid graduation plans and the courses associated with them. The district can then assign a specific plan to an individual student. The goals of the system are as follows:

    • To help ensure that students are scheduled to earn sufficient credits to graduate
    • To allow monitoring of student progress toward graduation
    • To greatly reduce work needed to prepare the student course requests required for scheduling
    • To create and maintain personal graduation plans for students who are required to have them.

      The primary users of the Graduation plan component are the data processor and counselors at the High school.

      Graduation Plan Features

    • District-defined graduation course and credit requirements
    • Four-year graduation plan creation and maintenance
    • Inquiries into student graduation plans and progress
    • Mass updates
    • Personal graduation plans for students who may not graduate
    • Printing of Educational Planning Transcripts (EPT) by subject area

      Graduation Plan Jobs and Reports

    • District-wide updates for new courses
    • Mass student graduation plan maintenance
    • Personal graduation plan student lists and follow-up reports
    • Student status report

       Health Services

      Skyward Health Services provides the school nurse with the ability to maintain accurate, up-to-date student health records for everything from immunization history to the incidence of disease and accidents. It gives the school nurse the tools required to manage school health data in an efficient, cost-effective manner, and an ability to react to state/federal reporting requirements. The primary users of the Health Services component are the school nurses and nurse assistants.

      Health Services Features

    • Consolidated information reports
    • District-defined codes
    • Emergency contact information
    • Maintenance and inquiries for student screening data
    • Student physical examination, medical problem, office visit, accident, and communicable disease tracking

      Health Services Jobs and Reports

    • Annual immunization report
    • Communicable disease monthly report
    • Immunization and screenings report
    • Immunizations due report and letters to parents
    • Student health insurance report
    • Tuberculin testing and follow-up report
    • Vision, hearing, spinal, and acanthosis screening reports


      The purpose of Skyward Historical is to provide a way to maintain student information from previous school years. The information being maintained includes attendance, grades, basic demographic data, special program data, immunizations and related health data, test scores, and yearly GPA and credits. 

      A facility to transfer individual students from historical to current year is also provided. Electronic transfer of transcripts from high schools to colleges and universities is also a feature of this system.  The primary users of this component are the data processors and counselors at the schools.

      Historical Features

    • AAR reports
    • Annual merge of current year data to historical
    • Management of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) requests
    • Maintenance of historical campus, course, grade averaging, and grade point tables data
    • Maintenance of historical student demographic, grades, test scores, special programs, health screening, and class rank data
    • Restriction of personal information

      Historical Jobs and Reports

    • Historical cumulative grades records
    • Historical grade averaging for transfer students
    • Historical grade averaging - computation and ranking
    • Historical grade averaging - rank current year
    • Historical grade averaging – re-rank historical class
    • Historical grade averaging - total credits computation
    • Historical grade data mass fix program
    • Merge current year special programs to historical
    • Merge current year to historical
    • Merge night and summer school to historical
    • Update proposed date of graduation


      Master Schedule Building  

      •          1.  Master Schedule Builder
        Master Schedule Builder creates a master schedule using Scheduling courses and student course requests. The system creates the next year course section records and provides details regarding course conflicts, seating balance, and resource utilization. Master Schedule Builder provides objective information for making informed decisions for placing courses on the master schedule. It concentrates the effort of building the master schedule into a relatively short period of time. It can be adapted for use in scheduling "traditional" and "accelerated" calendars.


      •          2.  Resource Allocator
        The resource allocation system provides for the classification and storage of the campus's resources of time, rooms, and teachers. The system allocates the resources of time, teachers, and rooms to each class that is requested according to specifications submitted by the school administration and builds section information based on these resources.


      The Optional Extended Year Program (OEYP) provided through Skyward was developed to track students in kindergarten through 12th grade that are not likely to be promoted. The program tracks the additional instruction provided to the students in order to elevate their academic levels to enable promotion.

      The Extended School Year (ESY) program was developed for special education students to ensure that they do not regress over the summer months.  Their progress can be documented through Skyward. Students enrolled in the ESY program must be recommended by the ARD committee (as documented in the student’s IEP).

      OEYP/ESY Features

    • District- and campus-level options
    • OEYP enrollment, transfers, and absences
    • PEIMS extracts
    • Record maintenance and inquiries

      OEYP/ESY Jobs and Reports

    • ESY contact hours register
    • ESY Special Education instructional setting summary
    • List by student of total program participation and attendance
    • Mass deletion of records
    • Roster of students enrolled in OEYP


      Skyward Registration serves as a core database from which other student applications are designed. Registration is designed so that our data processors only have to enter demographic information for students once with assurance that the identical information will be available within any of the other Skyward student applications. Among others, these applications include Attendance, Grade Reporting, Scheduling, Health Services, and Discipline. 

      Registration Features

    • Bell schedule maintenance
    • Campus phone calling list
    • Demographic data maintenance for student, family, and emergency contacts
    • District and campus profiles
    • District-defined codes
    • Leaver tracking
    • Multi-campus enrollment
    • No show student processing
    • Principal, counselor, and administrator maintenance
    • Restriction of personal information
    • Special programs enrollment
    • Street directory
    • Student enrollment
    • Student search and inquiries
    • Student transfer/withdrawal/re-entry
    • Subsidiary campuses

      Registration Jobs and Reports

    • Address labels
    • Age/grade/residence (AGR) cards
    • Alternative campus membership report
    • Bilingual/ESL disciplinary setting report
    • Campus ID of accountability (CIA) update
    • Dropout roster
    • Economic disadvantage code update
    • Eligible migrant report
    • Ethnic report by campus with district recap
    • Identification cards
    • Last year grade and here last year update
    • Leaver tracking and record maintenance
    • Migrant student profile
    • No Show student transfer
    • Non-reported leaver roster (movers)
    • Preprinted student registration forms
    • Register of eligible bus riders
    • Street directory edit and update
    • Student directory
    • Student disaster displacement report
    • Student ethnic distribution by class report
    • Student listing
    • Student online directory location move
    • Student profile comprehensive assessment report
    • Student program membership report
    • Student registration laser cards
    • Student withdrawal/record transfer form


      Flexibility is one of the prime features provided in Skyward Scheduling. Through the use of expanded and optional features, school administrators are able to complete the task of student scheduling in compliance with the curriculum specifications and educational program policies of the district. 

      Once the master schedule has been built and the information has been entered into the system, users have the option of utilizing the traditional, A/B block or accelerated block methodologies. Online inquiries and update capabilities are available.

      Scheduling Features

    • Course, teacher, and section records that can be reused and modified from year to year
    • District- and campus-level scheduling options
    • Group and individual scheduling
    • Incoming student transfers
    • Manual or automated schedule building
    • Proxy courses
    • Student request forms
    • Student teams

      Scheduling Jobs and Reports

    • Counts by class by semester, sex, and total
    • Course conflict matrix
    • Course requests by student report
    • Download and upload of student records to Solstar
    • Grade, homeroom, school, and class lists
    • Group changes
    • Group transfer of students using Street Directory
    • Insufficient seats/no sections report
    • Potential student schedules errors report
    • Pre-gridded course request forms
    • Resource allocator
    • Room utilization report
    • Schedule printing
    • Singleton and doubleton report
    • Student counts by course/section report
    • Student course requests by course report
    • Student course requests parent letter
    • Student potential drop list
    • Students with too many or too few course requests report
    • Tally of course requests
    • Teacher schedule report
    • Teacher utilization and schedules report
    • Teacher/room assignment report
    • Trial schedules

       Special Education

      Skyward Special Education is designed to allow users the ability to maintain and report vital information for students receiving special education services within the district. The system produces required state and federal reports related to special education students. 

      Special Education Features

    • Enrollment and withdrawal
    • Maintenance of current year and next year data
    • Record maintenance and inquiries
    • Student restraint records

      Special Education Jobs and Reports

    • Address labels
    • Annual statistical report
    • Audit reports for PEIMS
    • Bus transportation list by campus
    • Disciplinary setting report
    • District count by disability by age or by grade
    • End-of-month summary report by campus
    • Evaluation notice of IEP review
    • Evaluation notice of last annual review
    • Instructional setting by grade by campus report
    • Instructional setting for attendance contact hours report
    • List of visually impaired students
    • Monthly list of students needing comprehensive assessment
    • Report of related services
    • Special education restraint report by grade or disability
    • Special education statistical report
    • Student list by primary disability
    • Student listing
    • Student name and address list by campus
    • Student profile
    • Students needing transitional services report
    • Total students by disability by campus report

       Street Directory

      •          Skyward Street Directory ensures the accuracy of student demographic information by providing a system for verifying student address and school enrollment data. Once Street Directory is complete and has been activated, student records are updated by referencing addresses to the Street Directory. 
      •          By using the system, zip codes, neighborhood codes and other standard information are updated automatically. Use of the system also imposes some consistency in the use of street names, thereby facilitating the printing of reports and mailing lists, and enhancing enrollment projections and other data applications.

       Test Scores

      Skyward Test Scores provides specialized services to districts utilizing test scoring and reports. Data is stored on the Skyward database.

      Test Scores Features

    • Test pre-coding
    • Test scores analysis by special programs, grade, sex, and ethnicity
    • Test scores maintenance and inquiries

      Test Scores Jobs and Reports

    • Bar code test scoring scan labels
    • Data and summary reports
    • National percentile scores summary report
    • Pre-code report/disk file creation
    • Rank order achievement test scores report
    • Score loading
    • Test scores report

      Skyward Gradebook

      Skyward Gradebook is an integrated classroom management system that allows teachers to maintain and post student data, including attendance and grades. This application also allows teachers to receive transfer students and produce Interim Progress Reports (IPRs). Various inquiry pages allow a teacher to view student demographic data, contact information, attendance records, schedule, photograph, and TAKS scores.

      Teachers may access Gradebook from anywhere with an Internet connection (school or home). Districts control access to the application through district and campus options. There are multiple levels of users with differing levels of access.

      Gradebook Features

    • Registration and log on
    • Categories and assignments
    • Posting and viewing of attendance
    • Entering and posting of grades
    • Generation of IPRs
    • Acceptance of transfer students
    • Viewing of student information
    • Printing of reports and IPRs
    • Seating charts 
    • Administrative access

      Gradebook Reports

    • Assignment Grades
    • Attendance Verification 
    • Blank/Missing Grades
    • Class Roster
    • Cycle Grade Range
    • Missing Averages 
    • Missing Exam Grades
    • Seating Charts 
    • UIL Report