• South San Antonio High School

    Credit Recovery Information



    A student will lose credit in a course when the number of accumulated unexcused absences exceeds the number of permitted absences by the Texas Education  Code. (Texas Education Code 25.092).


    When a student has lost credit, they can restore their credit by adhering to the following:

    Attend Attendance Recovery Sessions (ARS) in the cafeteria 
    Attend before or after school tutoring with their teacher(s)
    Attend End of Course Tutorial Blitz

    Students must communicate with their teacher(s) to attend tutoring before or after school.



    1 hour of Attendance Recovery clears 1 absence.
    Fall Semester ends on January 16, 2015. All attendance recovery must be completed by this date.
    Spring Semester end on June 4, 2015. All attendance recovery must be completed by this date. 



    If you have any questions, please see Ms. Marcha in the Discipline Center.