• journey together

    SSAISD Core Beliefs:

    We believe in the engagement of the school community for the success of our district.
    We believe in a strong support system for the school community to achieve excellence.
    We believe that innovative and challenging experiences produce successful learners.
    We believe that trusting relationship among the school community is essential to student success.
    We believe that an inclusive school culture promotes positive student development.
    We believe strong and effective leadership is essential to build a culture of high expectations.

    SSAISD Call to Action:

    All students will enjoy successful education experiences to empower them to make decisions and enrich their lives in the future they create.

    SSAISD Goals:

    We will engage all school community members through transparency and effective communication to create an inclusive environment for all students.
    We will develop a strong support system offering opportunities across the curriculum to create an innovative school experience, teaching students to value their education and motivate them to achieve excellence.
    We will provide meaningful and innovative instruction that promotes critical thinking and problem-solving.
    We will recruit, attract, retain, and develop exceptional personnel in order to accomplish the goals of the school community.
    We will prioritize district revenues to guide student future choices.