• Substance Abuse Prevention Information

    October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month which allows us to highlight the vital role of substance abuse prevention and how to bring better awareness to our students, families and community on this topic. 

    Studies show that the earlier an individual starts smoking, drinking or using other drugs, the heightened risk of developing addiction increases. 9 out of 10 people who abuse or are addicted to nicotine, alcohol or other drugs began using these substances before they were 18. People who began using addictive substances before age 15 are nearly 7 times likelier to develop a substance problem than those who delay first use until age 21 or older. 



    Recently, there has been a significant change in the law that directly impacts our school district's approach to addressing e-cigarette usage on school premises.

    The Texas legislature passed a new law (House Bill 114) that requires school districts to implement mandatory Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP) placement for students found in possession of, using, selling, giving, or delivering e-cigarettes on school grounds or at a school-related event. The law aims to address the growing concern of e-cigarette usage among students and promote a healthier, safer environment for all members of the school community.

    Effective at the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year, our SSAISD will be fully enforcing this new law. This means that any student caught violating the new law relating to e-cigarettes will be subject to immediate DAEP placement, as mandated by the state law. The DAEP program serves as an alternative to traditional suspension, providing students with an opportunity to address their behavior while continuing their education in a structured setting.
    As we navigate this new legal requirement, we value your partnership and input as parents and guardians. If you need assistance in talking to your child about the dangers of vaping, or your child is in need of support to quit vaping, we encourage you to access these resources by visiting teen.smokefree.gov/ and the following resources provided by the Anti-Vaping Truth Initiative.


    October is also Fentanyl Awareness Month. Fentanyl is a powerful opioid up to 50 times stronger than heroin. It is a major contributor to accidental drug overdose deaths in Texas. 
    The overdose crisis is harming Texas youth at an especially alarming rate. Teenagers and young adults can buy illegal substances and counterfeit pills through many different platforms and may be mixed with potentially fatal doses of fentanyl. Even small amounts of fentanyl, equivalent to a few grains of sand, can be deadly. That means that any pill could be the one that causes an overdose. Remember, one pill kills.
    We encourage you to access available resources on our website and the following resources provided by xopioidresponse.org/fentanyl. Together, we can save lives.