PAP Components
    PAP Principles
    Honors and Pre-AP courses are an opportunity for students to challenge themselves and to expand their skills for college, career and military readiness (CCMR). Students are held to a higher expectation for homework, reading, writing, and attendance. 

    • The purpose of Honors courses is to challenge students and to prepare them to take Pre-AP, AP, and Dual Credit courses. We currently offer:
      • Honors Math 6th
      • Honors Math 7th
      • Honors Math 8th
      • Honors Accelerated 6th+7th Math
      • Honors Accelerated 7th+8th Math
      • Honors Algebra 2
      • Honors Pre-Calculus
      • Honors English Language Arts 6th
      • Honors English Language Arts 7th
      • Honors English Language Arts 8th
      • Honors Spanish
    • The purpose of Pre-AP courses is to challenge students and to prepare them to take college level (AP and Dual Credit) courses in high school. We currently offer:
      • Pre-AP Algebra 1
      • Pre-AP Geometry with Statistics
      • Pre-AP English 1
      • Pre-AP English 2
      • Pre-AP Biology
      • Pre-AP Chemistry
      • Pre-AP Visual Arts

    Honors and Pre-AP courses are open enrollment, meaning that there are no requirements for students to enter with one exception. Students who wish to take Algebra 1 in 8th grade must enter an accelerated pathway in 6th grade. The following courses must be taken in order:

    • 6th Grade Honors Accelerated Math (contains standards from 6th and 7th grade)
    • 7th Grade Honors Accelerated Math (contains standards from 7th and 8th grade)
    • 8th Grade Pre-AP Algebra 1

    Each course on this list has the preceding course as a prerequisite. Students must choose to enter this pathway at the beginning of their 6th grade year. Students may exit this pathway of courses, but may not enter after the 6th grade without verification of their mastery of the prior course standards. The purpose of this accelerated pathway is to open students to additional math options in high school.

    • Honors courses are offered at no cost to students.
    • Pre-AP courses are offered at no cost to students, but enrolled students are expected to take Pre-AP exams.

    South San ISD utilizes the College Board’s SpringBoard resources to prepare students for CCMR through Honors Math and ELA courses and as a resource for Pre-AP Math and ELA courses. Students will receive a consumable workbook for each Honors and Pre-AP course in which they enroll.