• Course Description:

    This class strives to provide students with essential, working knowledge of the elements of English language and its literature. Students will gain all tools necessary to articulate their thoughts and opinions clearly, as well as read and understand any text no matter the content.



    Regional Day School Program for the Deaf

    South San Antonio ISD Communication Philosophy


    The South San Regional Day School Program for the Deaf believes that every student should have full access to communication. The program recognizes they serve students with various degrees and types of literacy, communication skills and experiences. In order to meet the individual communication and learning needs of each student, all communication options are explored and used relevant to the needs of the student.


    American Sign Language is recognized as having a vital role in the learning of English, literacy and communication among all our students. The role and use of sign language is supported by listening, technology, speaking, total communication, print and any other communication system available that will promote literacy and English proficiency in all our students. The South San Regional Program for the Deaf accepts the belief that every student should reach his/her maximum potential in all areas of learning and recognizes communication as a part of these skills. This belief is supported by exposing the students to language rich settings, communication rich environments and staff that contribute and support these beliefs.